Our First Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to share our first newsletter with you. This is yet another way for us to let you know what is happening in Critical Dietetics. We want you to feel part of this community of critical inquiry, so take a look and let us know if you have any other ideas or would like to join in as a volunteer on one of our committees.

Thanks to Jenna for getting this newsletter together for you and to Michelle for finalizing the layout and sharing on our social media channels. If you can think of others who would enjoy reading about Critical Dietetics, please share!

Critical Dietetics Newsletter – June 2018

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Call for Abstracts

Here is the call for abstracts for our next conference in Montgomery, Alabama. There is a way for everyone who wishes to share some aspect of their work or thinking to do so. Ours is a very inclusive space! The deadline for your abstract submissions is July 1, 2018.

Please share widely!

8th International Critical Dietetics Conference – Call for Abstracts

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Discordant Socialities (Vol 4, Iss 1)

COVER VOL 4 copy 2Our new issue is published and we have a four firsts to share:

  1. The Journal cover art (right) was created by Phillip Joy and colleagues as inspired by drinking a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino and further explored in an article entitled “Mythical Battle” (p. 2).
  2. Critical Dietetics has found a home in Nordic countries as chronicled by Nicklas Neuman and Elin Lövestam (p. 5).
  3. The article written by Audrey Roen entitled “Dietitians in Chicago” (p. 37) is accompanied by a digital narrative that can be viewed on our new Critical Dietetics Youtube Channel.
  4. Critical Dietetics has a Youtube Channel!

View the Table of Contents

View the entire issue here: Journal of Critical Dietetics

You must register to view our Journal, but it is free to register and free to publish. Thank you for your support. And, thank you to peer reviewers and Kerry Beake, our graphic artist, for all that you give to each issue.

Don’t forget to become a member of Critical Dietetics. Your membership will enable us to provide student awards and support to attend our annual conference as well as support those who create our Journal. Join today! Become a Member of Critical Dietetics

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Things to do in Montgomery


I am definitely looking forward to seeing everyone in Montgomery for our 8th International Critical Dietetics Conference. We are saving Sunday, November 18 for tours of the local area. This museum will be at the top of my list:

The Legacy Museum

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Invitation to Participate

Dear Critical Dietetics Trainers and Educators,

I am sharing this note on behalf of three Critical Dietetics scholars who
are working on a book chapter about Critical Dietetics. Thank you for any
support you might provide.

Jacqui Gingras
Co-Founder, Critical Dietetics


Hello Everyone,

Jillian Ruhl, Elin Lovestam, and myself are working on a book chapter
entitled ” Awakening the Possibilities: An Exploration of Critical Nutrition
and Dietetic Training and Education” in a book called Critical Dietetics and
Nutrition Studies edited by John Coveney and Martin Caraher. We would like
your help with our project!

As we were considering what to include in the chapter we came up with
several questions that we felt could be more fully illuminated with the
input from other critical dietetics/nutrition professionals.

We are hoping that you would take a few moments to answer the following
program related questions for us. Our plan is to use the information you
share with us as quotes to enhance our narrative with the aim of improving
critical practice.

The Mount Saint Vincent University Research Ethics Board has reviewed our
questions and ethics clearance is not required. That said, we want to inform
you that:

  • all personal/institutional identifiers will be removed from the
    information you provide us, therefore if we choose to include a quote or
    part of a quote from you, it will be non attributable;
  • answering all or some of the following questions is completely
  • only the project team will have access to the information you
    provide and that information will be handled in a confidential manner;
  • the information will only be used for this project as described
  • the information will be destroyed at the conclusion of the
    project; and
  • you may contact Daphne (Daphne.Lordly@msvu.ca), Jillian
    (Jillian.Ruhl@msvu.ca) or Elin (elin.lovestam@ikv.uu.se) with any
    questions that you may have about our project.

By answering all or some of the questions and returning them via email to
Daphne, your free and informed consent is implied. Return indicates you
understand the conditions of providing information for this project and that
you have had the opportunity to have any of your questions answered.

Here are the questions:

  1. What would a critical dietetics classroom look like?
  2. What would the students and educators be doing?
  3. In what ways can we make our traditional educational programs more
    critical so as to meet the future needs of our professions?

If you would like to help us with this project please respond by March 1st
by email to Daphne.Lordly@msvu.ca. Thank you!

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Become a Member of Critical Dietetics

We are pleased to introduce a new way to support Critical Dietetics – become a member!

Our Membership Policy: Our membership fees are used to support the operating costs of Critical Dietetics and the Journal of Critical Dietetics, to support members to participate in the activities of the Critical Dietetics community, as well as to offer financial support to students through awards and bursaries. Costs that are covered by our membership fees include:

  • Student awards and bursaries for conference attendance and travel
  • Stipends for student work on the CD newsletter
  • Copyediting and translation work for the Journal of Critical Dietetics
  • Costs associated with organizing and hosting annual conference
Critical Dietetics Annual Membership Options
Regular : $100.00 CAD
Student/Unwaged/Underemployed/Retired : $20.00 CAD
Sustainer : $200.00 CAD


Payment can be made through PayPal by clicking on the membership of your choice.  Thank you very much for your support of our growing organization!

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Be a Reader

We invite you to register as a reader of the Journal of Critical Dietetics. Its free!

Although you must register to access any of the articles published in JCD, there is no charge to read the articles after you register and no charge to submit to have your work considered by the Journal. This is quite rare in the open-access, peer-reviewed journal world.

When people register as readers, it helps us keep in touch with those who are interested in our organization. We share about four emails every year about a new issue of the journal and about our upcoming conference.

Thanks for being a reader!

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