Against Healthisms – Our First Special Issue

I am truly delighted to share with you that our very first Special Issue entitled “Against Healthisms: Challenging the Paradigm of ‘Eating Right'” has now been published. This issue was guest edited by Alissa Overend, Meredith Bessey, Adele Hite, and Andrea Noriega. As always, thank you to Kerry Beake for keeping our front-facing image so compelling.

Here is the link: If you aren’t already registered as a “reader” of the Journal of Critical Dietetics, you may have to do so before you can access the Special Issue.

Registering as a “reader” or user of this Journal is completely free, your contact information will never be shared with a third party, and you will only be contacted when a new issue of JCD is published or when a Critical Dietetics Conference is forthcoming. Everyone involved with JCD appreciates your effort to share this issue since our success is based on your good will and solidarity.

Unlike other open-access journals, JCD does not charge authors to publish their work and we do not charge readers to access published issues. We believe that the knowledge generated and shared here should be freely and easily accessible as long as authors’ intellectual property is properly cited and distributed as broadly as possible. Thank you for being part of what we have created not only with this Special Issue (our very first), but with every single issue of the Journal of Critical Dietetics.

I want to thank the authors of the papers in Against Healthisms. These papers are timely, provocative, and urgently needed. On behalf of Dr. Debbie Maclellan and myself, the current editors of JCD, we appreciate your enthusiastic response to the call for papers, the work you did to submit the first drafts, and the timely way you responded to reviewers’ comments.

Finally, without the passion, dedication, and perseverance of our special guest editors, this issue would not have been born. Thank you Alissa, Meredith, Adele, and Andrea! I was inspired by the high level of scholarship you envisioned with the very first draft of the call for papers and how you maintained that vision with integrity, determination, and good humour.

I hope that you all can identify perhaps with that little gummy bear on the cover of this issue that is stepping out from the normative and predictable and as Adele put it, is looking like it is ready to “kick up a little dust!” Your work to bring this Issue to life is going to make some waves in the best, most generative sense and that is what the mission of Critical Dietetics is all about.

I am thrilled to share this Special Issue with the Critical Dietetics community and with those who are not yet part of our community, but through this work and this Special Issue will perhaps join us.






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CD Newsletter! Our Third!

Thank you to everyone who contributed and organized this wonderful newsletter, especially Chloe Pinneau who was the lead on this issue. Bursting with amazing stories about the conference and about where World Critical Dietetics is going!

CD Newsletter December 2019

The links for becoming a member are not working within the newsletter, so those links are here:

Critical Dietetics Annual Membership Options

Regular: $100.00 CAD
Student/Unwaged/Underemployed/Retired: $20.00 CAD
Sustainer: $200.00 CAD

For those who don’t yet know her, let me introduce you to our newsletter coordinator:

Chloe Pineau is an undergraduate student in the BSc Applied Human Nutrition program at Mount Saint Vincent University. Before she began her studies at the Mount, Chloe completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology at Saint Mary’s University, which led to her interest in the intersection of the social sciences and the field of dietetics. Outside of her studies, she works as a Research Assistant at the Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC) at the Mount.

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Our 8th Issue! There is a Fire…

I am so happy to share our latest issue with you – the largest ever and the first with DOIs!

Take a look inside:

If you are not already registered as a reader, you must do so to access the articles. It is free and by joining the Journal readership, you gain access to each and every issue of JCD our upcoming call for conference abstracts, and invites to some amazing events.

To remind you, the Journal of Critical Dietetics is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal. There is no charge to read the work published and no charge to submit your work. We are one of the few that maintain a truly open access to the knowledge generated and the voices heard.

Thank you for your ongoing support of this movement and the work of the incredible authors profiled in this issue.

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Students! What does CD look like in practice? A free session…

This invitation is for any/all students who will be in the Halifax NS area on Saturday evening. Students, please share with other students…this is a free session. You do not need to be attending the conference to join in.

Critical Dietetics in Practice? What does that look like?

Student Professional Development Event

As part of the 9th Annual Critical Dietetics conference

Saturday, October 5

6 to 8 pm

McCain 301, MSVU campus, Bedford NS


Hello to all students,

Please join Sarah Hewko, Tanya L’Heureux, and Gurneet Dhami for the Student Professional Development Event, Critical Dietetics in Practice… What does that look like?

One of the experiences we all have is taking what we learn in school and applying it in the workplace. This is your opportunity to imagine your future as a professional and how you will incorporate criticality in practice.

This is a participatory session. The facilitators will briefly outline what critical means to them, how their practice has evolved and is evolving, and some of their struggles and coping approaches. The entire group will then discuss ‘what’s working?’ and ‘what bold steps can move a critical approach in practice forward?’

Please RSVP to so we can get an idea of the number of students planning to attend.

If you are a student and you want to attend this session, but you can’t make it to Halifax, we got you covered. Attend by Zoom web conference. Register in advance:


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Seeking Nominations for Inaugural Board

Critical Dietetics is at an exciting new phase of its development – we are forming a Board of Directors now that we have official status as an organization. We are seeking nominations NOW for members to join the inaugural Board of Directors. Currently, we are filling six out of nine positions:

Members-at-Large (4)

Yuka Asada has agreed to become the Vice-President and Meredith Bessey the Secretary. The position of Past-President will not be filled until the incoming President fulfills their term. Thus, the first Board will be comprised of eight positions.

If you are interested in putting your name forward, please email Dr. Cathy Morley with the Board position you are seeking before the AGM, which is scheduled for Sunday, October 6, 2019 at the upcoming Critical Dietetics Conference. Elections (if necessary) will take place in the week following the AGM.



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Conference Update

We have a few new additions to our conference pages that we encourage you to review:

  1. Critical Dietetics Conference Program
  2. 9th Annual CD Conference Welcome Package
  3. Critical Dietetics Registration Form

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact the conference planning team by email:

Special thanks to Kathryn Fraser for her artful dedication to welcoming us to Halifax as you will note in the Welcome Package! 

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2nd Call for Dietitian as Artist

2ndcall for submissions to Dietitian As Artist
at the Oct 2019 Critical Dietetics Conference

Please consider submitting your creative outputs for DAA to be held during the Critical Dietetics Conference in October.

To date, we have submissions for pieces using photography, comics, mixed media, and textiles, as well as performance poetry.

To give you some ideas, I’m thinking of displaying the sweaters I have knit in the past couple of years (a lot of thought and reflection goes into those stitches). I’ve also been working on memory quilts made for family members from my later brother’s clothes. I won’t have all of the quilts done by October however, I’ll display where I am at in the process. Maybe add some photos of the process too?

As you look about you, there are likely things you have created either with the intent of ‘art making’ or what you have made because creating is what you do (just like my knitting). Photos of your garden? Photos of dishes you have made that were fabulous? Something you made when you are frustrated or disappointed? DAA shows in the past (at the Dietitians of Canada conference, and one held in my front yard) were wonderful and sparked important conversations.

Please consider submitting one or more pieces.

Send the description of your piece to me at Include media type, title, and any display requirements.

I’m happy to answer questions.

(Cath)erine Morley, PhD, PDt, FDC
Associate Professor
School of Nutrition and Dietetics, Acadia University
Adjunct Professor, Applied Human Nutrition, MSVU

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Conference Update

Visit our Conference 2019 page for exciting updates including information about our renowned keynote speaker, Critical Dietetics Registration Form, and the conference program (coming soon).

We are currently reviewing abstracts and can tell you this is going to be an exceptional meeting under the theme of “Sharing, Learning, Transforming the Future: Building Allyship with Indigenous Communities Through Dietetic Education, Practice, and Research.” We are looking forward to seeing you in Halifax from October 4-6, 2019.

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Student Awards

For the very first time, we are offering student awards in advance of our upcoming conference. Please review the application requirements and feel free to share with those you think would qualify. Thank you.

Student Engagement Award

1 undergraduate award
1 graduate award

The award includes a cash prize ($50), a complimentary one-year membership to Critical Dietetics, and complimentary registration to the 2019 Critical Dietetics conference. Submissions may be text or non-text formats including an argumentative essay or literature review, art, literature/narrative, poetry, or multi-media (i.e. video, pecha kucha), but must engage with the scholarship, literature, or foundational ideas and values of Critical Dietetics. The piece may be produced for a course assignment, or for the purpose of submission to the award. The author of the work must be a student in a dietetic or other program, but does not have to be a current member of Critical Dietetics.

The focus of the submission will be an issue or concern of importance to Critical Dietetics and will demonstrate scholarly engagement with ideas, concepts, tools, and arguments of Critical Dietetics, and/or its underlying mission, values, principles, and objectives. 

Student Vision Award

1 undergraduate award
1 graduate award

This award was created to recognize student engagement in Critical Dietetics including the values, principles, and aspirations of the association and its work. The award includes a cash prize ($50), a complimentary one-year membership to Critical Dietetics, and complimentary registration to the 2019 Critical Dietetics conference. Submissions may be text or non-text formats including an argumentative essay or literature review, art, literature/narrative, poetry, or multi-media (i.e. video, pecha kucha). The piece may be produced for a course assignment, or for the purpose of submission to the award. The author of the work must be a student in a dietetic or other program, does not have to be a member of Critical Dietetics.

The piece will explore the student’s vision for future of Critical Dietetics, and may explore responses to the following questions:

  • What ideas do you have for growing Critical Dietetics?
  • What has Critical Dietetics meant to you, and what role might you play in growing Critical Dietetics?
  • What is your vision for the future of Critical Dietetics?

Application Guidelines: Submissions should be no longer than 10 pages (double spaced, 12-point font) for written submissions, and no more than 15 minutes for audio/video submissions.

Send submissions to Daphne Lordly and please include “Critical Dietetics Student Award Submission” in the subject line of your email.

Deadline for submissions: September 16th 2019 by 4pm Atlantic Standard Time.

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Our Latest Newsletter is Here!

And, it is sure to get you excited about our upcoming conference. Read more to find out why and share widely!

Thank you, Meredith and Michelle for creating such an inspiring read.

CD Newsletter – May 2019

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