Journal of Critical Dietetics

In an effort to make the Journal of Critical Dietetics as accessible as possible, we are moving the Journal submission process to this blog.

If you wish to submit an article, please carefully review the Author Guidelines and the ways of Ensuring a Blind Peer Review if your article is intended for peer review. Then simply email it to the Journal editor, Jacqui Gingras, so that it may begin the process for review and, if appropriate, publication. Very clearly indicate under which section of the Journal you wish your submission to be considered.

The editorial process for a submission typically consists of your article being quickly reviewed by the editor, then it undergoes a blind peer-review, followed by a message to you as the author about the final decision and if changes are required. Then the revised article goes through editing where our layout editor creates a PDF and you review it one last time before it is published.

If you would like to read archived issues, register here as a Reader of JCD.

If you have any questions about this process, please email Jacqui Gingras, Journal Editor.

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