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In the spirit of this reflexivity, transdisciplinarity, and with the aim of blurring/crossing epistemological and ontological disciplinary boundaries, the 2020 conference will focus on exploring the myriad ways critical dietetics knowledge and praxis intersect with other disciplines to empower and disenfranchise communities with whom we interact. This includes exploring inter- and transdisciplinary synergies and tensions between dietetics and other disciplines, professions, and communities; theory, approaches, and experiences of reflexive practice in action; and applying reflexive insight toward anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and socially just dietetic work.

The opening session of the conference – a Tribunal on Racism in Dietetics – will begin the process of “calling in,” exploring how dietetics educators and practitioners actively contribute to the oppression of marginalized communities with whom we work. A series of invited speakers will reflect upon gatekeeping in the profession and provide an opportunity for dialogue to push us to think differently about dietetic education and practice.

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