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Julie Rochefort at TEDxRyerson: Shift the Focus

Let’s show some support for Julie Rochefort, an active member of our Critical Dietetics community for an amazing TEDx Ryerson talk on shifting the focus from weight to health!

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Connect, teach and support – Sheldon Levy, President of Ryerson University

Last week I attended a lunch with the Economic Club of Canada to hear Sheldon Levy speak about the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) at Ryerson University. Although some may argue that this a stretch from Critical Dietetics, I found his speech to be inspiring and innovative about the work the DMZ does – Similar to the work done here at Critical Dietetics, no?

What I took away most from Levy’s speech was his moving words about connecting, teaching and supporting students and learners. I transferred these ideas to supporting the new wave of critical thinking and learning of evolving nutrition professionals, dietitians and allies. The challenge is now, taking our critical thoughts and questions and doing with them…

Checkout Levy’s speech here:

Michelle Kwan

Communications Coordinator, Critical Dietetics

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