Focus and Scope

The focus of Critical Dietetics is to serve as the place for inquiry and exploration regarding gender, race, class, ability, size, dietetic epistemology, post-structural orientations to dietetic education, art, and poetry in the context of dietetics. Critical Dietetics will allow for the critical exploration of these topics among others, informed by transdisciplinary scholarship from the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

The mission for Critical Dietetics is to create a space for critical inquiry and dialogue to build on and broaden the body of knowledge in dietetics through collective and inclusive efforts. The journal aims to publish works that represent alternative ways of knowing that may not be fully represented in existing journals within the dietetic profession. Through the use of open access publishing, the journal will be available free of charge to anyone who wishes to engage in ground-breaking exploration of the dietetic profession.

Read the Critical Dietetics Declaration to learn more about our origins.


Board of Directors 2022-2023

Honorary Board Member

Evelyn Crayton, EdD, RDN, FAND


Annabelle Wilson, PhD (AUS) RD – President

Jill White, EdD, RD, LDN (USA)- Past-President

Christin Seher, PhD, RDN, LDN (USA)- Vice President

Kate Gardner Burt, PhD, RDN (USA) – Treasurer

Jane Lac, MPH, RD (CAN) – Secretary

Nikita Rose, BScAHN, MScAHN(c) – Communications

Members at Large

Yuka Asada, PhD, RD (USA)

Marian Cornett, MSc, APD (AUS)

Shelly DeBiasse, PhD, RDN (USA)

Jessica Hayes-Conroy, PhD (USA)

Anisha Mahajan, RD, MPH (CAN)

Kheko Lewis, MS, RD, LDN (USA)

Kelebogile Setiloane, PhD (USA)

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