World Critical Dietetics Newsletter

ISSUE 01 | WINTER 2021

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Contents at a glance…

A message from the president, Jennifer Brady (p.2)
Book announcement, Alissa Overend (p.3)

Journal of Critical Dietetics Report, Debbie MacLellan & Jacqui Gingras (p.4)
Tribunal on Racism in Dietetics, Jill White (p.6)
2020 conference recap, Christin Seher (p.7)

A call for 11th and 12th annual conference organizers, Christin Seher (p.8)

Reflections, Kheko Lewis (p.9)
“Where do we go from here?”, WCD Board of Directors (p.11)
Newsletter coordination by Board Member, Maya Hey, Member-at-Large. 
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