Blacks and Racism in Dietetics: Special Issue now Live

We are delighted to share with you that our most recent issue, Blacks and Racism in Dietetics, is now available to view. Thank you to our guest editors, Jill White and Alison Brown, who hosted the launch and shepherded this compelling issue from inception to completion. Also, thank you to the authors whose voices are a clarion call to what needs to change in dietetics to have it be more inclusive, equitable, and diverse. We can’t publish peer-reviewed research without peer reviewers. Thank you to everyone who provided helpful feedback to the authors going forward and finally, thank you, Kerry Beake for getting the files ready to share publicly.

Please read and share this issue with everyone. Let these articles be an urgent guide for transformative action. Let these authors “be the throat of these hours” (Dunlop, 2002, p. 33) and let us engage in conversations with colleagues and friends about what we will do. Let these conversations inspire new inquiry for sharing in the Journal of Critical Dietetics. Let this moment matter.

Dunlop, R. (2002). The body of my garden. Toronto, ON: Mansfield Press.

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