Call for Proposals (due July 5th, 2021)


Building on an incredible 2020 online conference, this year’s World Critical Dietetics gathering will bring together individuals across the globe to unite around the growing awareness of the impact of intersectionality to spark action for health and social justice. In the spirit of enriching professional praxis within nutrition and dietetics, which seeks to promote liberation in all forms.

We invite presentation proposals that are oriented to advancing action that dismantle colonial systems of oppression including racism, sexism, homo and transphobia, and elucidate justice-enhancing support for mental health and trauma-informed practice.

Conference Theme

“Critical Dietetics in Action”

The driving theme of the 2021 conference, seeks to highlight examples and practices embodying daily acts of resistance, deep collaboration with diverse communities, redressing power dynamics, and putting into action the commitment of World Critical Dietetics to advancing liberation through different form of advocacy and activism. To facilitate action for justice-enhancing change, the conference will create opportunities for attendees to build connections, explore, translate, and integrate critical dietetics into practice

Topics encouraged for submission

  • Racism in dietetics education, theory, and practice
  • Exploration of critical dietetics in relation to contemporary social movements
  • including BLM, INM, #MeToo, #NeverAgain, #TimesUp, #SayHerName, #StopAsianHate
  • Intersections of civil rights and critical dietetics/critical food studies
  • Dietitians’ roles as advocates and activists for food, health, and social justice
  • Imagining what socially just dietetic practice looks like, feels like, and sounds like
  • Accountability and cultural humility in dietetics

Presentation & Proposal Formats

Individual papers/ presentations (20 minutes)

Please submit a 200-word abstract or 3-minute audio video recording including the corresponding author’s name, pronouns, title, affiliation, and email address, plus the names of any co-authors.

NEW!: Ignite presentations (five minutes, 20 slides)

Communicate your idea, passion, or learnings in critical healthcare with an ignite presentation. Please submit your proposal for a 5 min presentation (150-200 word written or 2-3 minute audio-video abstract) including the author’s name, pronouns, title, affiliation, and email address, plus the names of any co-presenters. For more information on ignite talks please visit

Thematic Session (3-4 paper presentations) 60 minutes

Please submit a thematic overview (100-200 words or 3-minute audio-video recording) that describes the symposium, and three to four abstracts (one for each paper of 200 words each or 2-minutes of audio or video recording). Indicate the corresponding author’s name, pronouns, title, affiliation, and email address, plus the names, pronouns, titles and affiliations of the co-presenters.

Workshop or roundtable (90 minutes)

Please submit a 250-word abstract or 3-minute audio-video recording, describing the focus of the workshop or roundtable, the format or activities proposed, and the technologies required. Describe goals of the workshop or round table and how participants will be included to make this different from a thematic session

Pecha kucha-like presentations

Please submit a 200-word abstract or 3-minute audio or video recording including the author’s name, title, affiliation, and email address, plus the names of any co-presenters. Learn more about the pecha kucha presentation format at: OR

Proposal Submission

Deadline: July 5th, 2021

Please send your submissions to Jane Lac & Jacinta Sherlock at


Please direct any questions to Jane Lac and Jacinta Sherlock at

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