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WCD 2020 conference schedule

Conference Proceedings here (full presentation abstract and presenter contact information)

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(The Experience of a Racialized Student) Re-setting the Table: Exploring the Counter-stories of Racialized Dietitians in Canada

Gurneet Dhamni

“Karens” and Anti-Black Feminism in Dietetics
Mikahelia Wellington

More than a Meal: Senior Women Connecting through Food in a Community Space
Samara Ohm

“Practice what you preach, or sister tell me a different story”: Using Autoethnography to Make the Case for a New Dietetics Culture as the Foundation for Developing a Pedagogy of Compassion in Dietetics Educationoq au Vin d’Alsace
Kathryn Fraser & Daphne Lordly

COVID-19 Risk and “Obesity”: A discourse analysis of media coverage
Meredith Bessey & Jennifer Brady

Exploring challenges faced by the charitable food sector in Manitoba during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
Hannah Derksen, Avery Penner, Chantall Perchotte, Joyce Slater

Fermentation and/as Pedagogy: Decentering the prescriptive model of food knowledge
Maya Hey

An introduction to the field of Eating Design: how we can creatively reimagine the relationship between people, food and the environment
Hannah Rohrlach & Stephanie Daughtry

Who are the Cattails? An Analysis of Algonquin Anishinaabeg Food Systems
Kaitlyn Patterson

How Systemic Racism Impacts the Educational Experience of Dietetics Students
Katherine Burt, Mario Landeverde, Rosemary Lopez

Land-Based and Online Learning: Can Two Worlds Come Together to Teach Indigenous Youth about Food?
Renee Bujold, Ann Fox, Kara Pictou

Nutrition Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health
Alison Brown

Supporting dietitians to work in Indigenous health: a critical realist evaluation of a Community of Practice peer mentoring model
Marian Cornette, Robin Delbridge,  Tamara Mackean, Claire Palermo, & Annabelle Wilson

Doing the same thing and expecting different results: Toward dismantling the dominance of positivism in dietetics education
Kerry Beake, Debbie MacLellan, (Cath)erine Morley

“What do I do when a preceptor insists on using a person’s dead name and pronoun?” Dietetic educators’ responsibilities in promoting social justice for gender diverse people
(Cath)erine Morley

How Systemic Dietetics Pedagogy: Fostering the development of culturally competent Registered Dietitians
Erin Green, Navika Gangrade & Emily Wilcox Gier

An examination of pre-tax cost and sugar content of beverages according to excise tax eligibility in different jurisdictions
Natalie Riediger*, Tamara Neufeld, Kelsey Mann, Krista Beck, Taylor Colotti, Andrea Bombak, Adriana Mudryj, Myra Tait, Lorna Turnbull, Jeff LaPlante

Band-Aid solutions: small business owners’ and managers’ perspectives on a sugar-sweetened beverage tax
Fareeha Quayyum*, Andrea Bombak, Emma Robinson, Kelsey Mann, Krista Beck, Michael Champagne, Jeff LaPlante, Natalie Riediger

From taxation to treaties: Understanding the larger context of SSB taxes for Indigenous peoples
Myra Tait*

Exploring perceived health implications of sugar-sweetened beverages among adults studying or working at a post-secondary institution in Dharwad, India
Maureen Cooper*, Anika Dhalla*, Andrea Bombak, Hemalatha Sreeramaiah, Natalie Riediger

Exploring attitudes towards sugar-sweetened beverages amongst white residents of a middle- to upper-class neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: A critical discourse analysis
Anne Waugh*, Kelsey Mann, Andrea Bombak, Patty Thille, Natalie Riediger

Exploring experiences consuming and purchasing sugar-sweetened beverages among urban Indigenous adults living in Winnipeg’s North End
Maria Kisselgoff*, Riel Dubois, Michael Champagne, Jeff LaPlante, Natalie Riediger

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