Opening Remarks

Christin Seher, 2020 Conference Organizer

Welcome to the 10th annual World Critical Dietetics virtual conference!

While I wish we could be gathering in person, and I could have shared a piece of my home town, Akron, Ohio with you, I am excited you are here and spending part of your time with us at this year’s conference.  We welcome those of you who are new to World Critical Dietetics, as well as our long-time friends and colleagues from around the world. 

We have an amazing line up of speakers this year, each of whom will push us to “call in” and “call out” the ways in which we, as food and nutrition professionals and global citizens, contribute to, participate in, and can work to dismantle the systemic structures leading to nutrition and health inequities.  Our opening keynote A Tribunal on Racism in Dietetics has been viewed by more than 800 people around the world and featured a powerful group of Black women speakers and those who stand in solidarity to engage a poignant dialogue on racial justice in the profession.    

In subsequent conference sessions, you will hear from a variety of students, practitioners, educators, and scholars as they bring forth some of the most pressing questions facing dietetic practice, in brave and vulnerable ways.  This is not your typical academic conference.  I urge you to tune in with an open heart and mind, a compassionate and inquisitive spirit, and a commitment and passion for working towards solidarity and justice. 

Sessions will convene via WebEx over the next three Fridays in November, with links sent via email to the sessions each week.  Pop in when you can, wear what is comfy, and bring a snack.  We know that everyone is video conferenced out!  Sessions for this year’s conference will not be recorded but if you are looking to get in touch with a speaker regarding their presentation, you can find their contact information in this year’s conference proceedings.  We encourage you to reach out and connect with those whose stories speak to you.  World Critical Dietetics is as much about community building and connection as it is about critical inquiry and activism.     

If you are not already, I encourage you to become a WCD Member.  Memberships support the work of our organization, such as the publishing of the Journal of Critical Dietetics, an important outlet for scholarship and critical voices in the profession. 

Membership information can be found on our blog: here or by emailing

Current members, we look forward to updating you on the growth of WCD and giving you a sneak peak at our plans for the year (new website and logo, special issues of JCD, and more!) at our AGM on Friday, Nov 27th.  Make sure to register in Eventbrite and join us to help us set our priorities for the year.

Finally, as we all will join in this learning opportunity from traditional lands of Indigenous Peoples of around the world, I encourage you to make space during this conference to acknowledge the history of the land which you occupy and the roles and responsibilities you hold as guests on their territories.  Further, I would like to express gratitude to those who protect and steward the gifts and teachings offered by Mother Earth; for us and generations to come.  You can learn more by visiting:

With compassion,

Christin Seher

WCD Board Member & 2020 Conference Organizer

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