Against Healthisms – Our First Special Issue

I am truly delighted to share with you that our very first Special Issue entitled “Against Healthisms: Challenging the Paradigm of ‘Eating Right'” has now been published. This issue was guest edited by Alissa Overend, Meredith Bessey, Adele Hite, and Andrea Noriega. As always, thank you to Kerry Beake for keeping our front-facing image so compelling.

Here is the link: If you aren’t already registered as a “reader” of the Journal of Critical Dietetics, you may have to do so before you can access the Special Issue.

Registering as a “reader” or user of this Journal is completely free, your contact information will never be shared with a third party, and you will only be contacted when a new issue of JCD is published or when a Critical Dietetics Conference is forthcoming. Everyone involved with JCD appreciates your effort to share this issue since our success is based on your good will and solidarity.

Unlike other open-access journals, JCD does not charge authors to publish their work and we do not charge readers to access published issues. We believe that the knowledge generated and shared here should be freely and easily accessible as long as authors’ intellectual property is properly cited and distributed as broadly as possible. Thank you for being part of what we have created not only with this Special Issue (our very first), but with every single issue of the Journal of Critical Dietetics.

I want to thank the authors of the papers in Against Healthisms. These papers are timely, provocative, and urgently needed. On behalf of Dr. Debbie Maclellan and myself, the current editors of JCD, we appreciate your enthusiastic response to the call for papers, the work you did to submit the first drafts, and the timely way you responded to reviewers’ comments.

Finally, without the passion, dedication, and perseverance of our special guest editors, this issue would not have been born. Thank you Alissa, Meredith, Adele, and Andrea! I was inspired by the high level of scholarship you envisioned with the very first draft of the call for papers and how you maintained that vision with integrity, determination, and good humour.

I hope that you all can identify perhaps with that little gummy bear on the cover of this issue that is stepping out from the normative and predictable and as Adele put it, is looking like it is ready to “kick up a little dust!” Your work to bring this Issue to life is going to make some waves in the best, most generative sense and that is what the mission of Critical Dietetics is all about.

I am thrilled to share this Special Issue with the Critical Dietetics community and with those who are not yet part of our community, but through this work and this Special Issue will perhaps join us.






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