2nd Call for Dietitian as Artist

2ndcall for submissions to Dietitian As Artist
at the Oct 2019 Critical Dietetics Conference

Please consider submitting your creative outputs for DAA to be held during the Critical Dietetics Conference in October.

To date, we have submissions for pieces using photography, comics, mixed media, and textiles, as well as performance poetry.

To give you some ideas, I’m thinking of displaying the sweaters I have knit in the past couple of years (a lot of thought and reflection goes into those stitches). I’ve also been working on memory quilts made for family members from my later brother’s clothes. I won’t have all of the quilts done by October however, I’ll display where I am at in the process. Maybe add some photos of the process too?

As you look about you, there are likely things you have created either with the intent of ‘art making’ or what you have made because creating is what you do (just like my knitting). Photos of your garden? Photos of dishes you have made that were fabulous? Something you made when you are frustrated or disappointed? DAA shows in the past (at the Dietitians of Canada conference, and one held in my front yard) were wonderful and sparked important conversations.

Please consider submitting one or more pieces.

Send the description of your piece to me at cmorley@acadiau.ca. Include media type, title, and any display requirements.

I’m happy to answer questions.

(Cath)erine Morley, PhD, PDt, FDC
Associate Professor
School of Nutrition and Dietetics, Acadia University
Adjunct Professor, Applied Human Nutrition, MSVU

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