Journal of Critical Dietetics – Vol 4, Iss 1


To make our Journal more accessible, we are now going to publish issues on this website in addition to our Journal site. The first issue to be posted will be our most recent with the past issues coming soon. To find out what is needed to submit a manuscript for consideration, please visit Journal of Critical Dietetics.

In the meantime, please take a moment to enjoy Volume 4, Issue 1 (2018):

Cover Art by Phillip Joy and Roberta Jackson

Discordant Socialites by Jacqui Gingras

A Mythical Battle: ‘Good’ Foods Versus ‘Bad’ Foods by Phillip Joy, Roberta Jackson, and Matthew Numer

Toward a Critical Dietetics in the Nordic Countries by Nicklas Neuman and Elin Lövestam

Time for Change: Insight from the Learning Sciences to Inform Dietitian Education and Credentialing by Megan Whelan

Why I fell in Love with Critical Dietetics: A Personal/Political Narrative by Jill White

Thresholds of Size: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Childhood Messages around Food, Body, Health and Weight by Fiona Holland, Karin Peterson, and Stephanie Archer

Dietitians in Chicago – the Stories and the Challenges by Audrey Roen
Digital Story on YouTube

Barriers to Becoming Registered Dietitians Identified by African American Students and Practitioners by Jill White

Constituting the Ideal Body: A Poststructural Analysis of “Obesity” Discourses among Gay Men by Phillip Joy and Matthew Numer

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