Discordant Socialities (Vol 4, Iss 1)

COVER VOL 4 copy 2Our new issue is published and we have a four firsts to share:

  1. The Journal cover art (right) was created by Phillip Joy and colleagues as inspired by drinking a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino and further explored in an article entitled “Mythical Battle” (p. 2).
  2. Critical Dietetics has found a home in Nordic countries as chronicled by Nicklas Neuman and Elin Lövestam (p. 5).
  3. The article written by Audrey Roen entitled “Dietitians in Chicago” (p. 37) is accompanied by a digital narrative that can be viewed on our new Critical Dietetics Youtube Channel.
  4. Critical Dietetics has a Youtube Channel!

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View the entire issue here: Journal of Critical Dietetics

You must register to view our Journal, but it is free to register and free to publish. Thank you for your support. And, thank you to peer reviewers and Kerry Beake, our graphic artist, for all that you give to each issue.

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