Invitation to Participate

Dear Critical Dietetics Trainers and Educators,

I am sharing this note on behalf of three Critical Dietetics scholars who
are working on a book chapter about Critical Dietetics. Thank you for any
support you might provide.

Jacqui Gingras
Co-Founder, Critical Dietetics


Hello Everyone,

Jillian Ruhl, Elin Lovestam, and myself are working on a book chapter
entitled ” Awakening the Possibilities: An Exploration of Critical Nutrition
and Dietetic Training and Education” in a book called Critical Dietetics and
Nutrition Studies edited by John Coveney and Martin Caraher. We would like
your help with our project!

As we were considering what to include in the chapter we came up with
several questions that we felt could be more fully illuminated with the
input from other critical dietetics/nutrition professionals.

We are hoping that you would take a few moments to answer the following
program related questions for us. Our plan is to use the information you
share with us as quotes to enhance our narrative with the aim of improving
critical practice.

The Mount Saint Vincent University Research Ethics Board has reviewed our
questions and ethics clearance is not required. That said, we want to inform
you that:

  • all personal/institutional identifiers will be removed from the
    information you provide us, therefore if we choose to include a quote or
    part of a quote from you, it will be non attributable;
  • answering all or some of the following questions is completely
  • only the project team will have access to the information you
    provide and that information will be handled in a confidential manner;
  • the information will only be used for this project as described
  • the information will be destroyed at the conclusion of the
    project; and
  • you may contact Daphne (, Jillian
    ( or Elin ( with any
    questions that you may have about our project.

By answering all or some of the questions and returning them via email to
Daphne, your free and informed consent is implied. Return indicates you
understand the conditions of providing information for this project and that
you have had the opportunity to have any of your questions answered.

Here are the questions:

  1. What would a critical dietetics classroom look like?
  2. What would the students and educators be doing?
  3. In what ways can we make our traditional educational programs more
    critical so as to meet the future needs of our professions?

If you would like to help us with this project please respond by March 1st
by email to Thank you!

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