An Incredible Success! #CriticalDietetics7

It went off without a technological hitch and, more importantly, we created a space online where beautiful and difficult thoughts, ideas, and emotions were shared. We had participants joining us from Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Canada. We welcomed many new voices to Critical Dietetics and were delighted to have several returning from years past. Thank you to everyone who made this happen including the participants and presenters. The possibilities are swirling for next year…

A group of students and faculty conference together July 26 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada


One response to “An Incredible Success! #CriticalDietetics7”

  1. My colleague, Charna Gord, and I were just chatting about the conference. Our schedules unfortunately prevented us from participating in the live event, but thanks to the recordings, we were still able to see the incredible presentations that were part of the program. So much food for thought – we can’t wait for the remainder of the recordings to be uploaded!

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