Register for the ONLINE Conference

We have received some compelling abstracts and the final Program is set for our 7th International Critical Dietetics Conference. For the first time, our conference will be completely online. Follow this secure PayPal link for our regular registration, which provides you with full access to all sessions in real time and password-protected recordings to review at your leisure for 3 months following the conference:

Regular Registration $50

If you are a student or are unwaged/underwaged, please email me directly with your registration details including:

  • Name
  • Institution (if applicable)
  • City, Country

I look forward to the dynamic space and conversations that we will co-create on July 26, 2017!



2 responses to “Register for the ONLINE Conference”

  1. Will be another awesome inspiring lineup and though provoking content I’m sure

  2. […] Take a look at this wonderful array of individual presentations and pecha kuchas offered by our presenters this year. And, of course, feel free to share this Program with colleagues. Register for the ONLINE Conference here! […]

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