New Issue: Journal of Critical Dietetics


I am very pleased that with the help of our Layout Editor, Kerry Beake, we have published the sixth issue of our Journal and the second of 2016. This issue is called “Cultural Embodiments” and contains two reflexive articles, six research articles, and … one poem!

To review the TOC you must be a “reader” of the Journal. Become a reader of our Journal here:

The Journal of Critical Dietetics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that is FREE to readers and authors. We feel pretty good about that, actually! Becoming a “reader” of the Journal enables us to communicate with you when we publish a new Journal issue or when we post a call for abstracts regarding our annual conference. Typically, we email readers of the Journal six-eight times each year and we never, ever share our email list with anyone.

If you are already registered as a “reader” of the Journal, please take a moment to review the Table of Contents to see which articles you would like to download for reading:

And, as a reminder, you are welcome to share PDFs of these articles widely, but please encourage anyone with whom you share the PDFs to become official readers of our Journal.


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