Its a Wrap!

img_5648-copyWhat a whirlwind experience and a most nourishing one as well. Last night we capped it off with an open mic in a park just by the Alhambra. The tourists were intrigued by the poetry, song, and dance! Most memorable!

For those who wish to hear the opening and closing keynotes and a sampling of other presentations from the conference including Lucy Aphramor’s “Naked Dietitian” spoken word, you can still do so by purchasing online access. Email me to get further details.

If you wish to help plan the next conference, also email me to join the conference planning committee. Work on 2017 will be very soon as we expect it to be our best conference ever!

Thanks for everyone for making this an incredible delight, especially our intrepid graphic artists, Val and Fiona. Pictures to follow!

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