Thanks for a wonderful DAY 2 at the Critical Dietetics Conference!

Dear Readers and Followers,

Today we had a great day at the 4th International Critical Dietetics Conference at Dominican University.

I personally felt wonderful attending the Food is a Right People’s Assembly at the Conference. As nutrition

professionals, dietitians, students, interns, health professionals and allies, it’s important that we understand food security issues in our own communities, and work with these individuals to empower and fight for the right to food.

Other news: In the past 2 days we have increased an extra 39 followers on Twitter! I encourage you to follow us @Critic_Dietetic. If you are not into Twitter, Like us on Facebook Critical Dietetics. We have increased our likes by 500% in the past 2 days as well!

It appears to me that people are interested in this conversation we are having, and want to learn more! I encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues to learn about Critical Dietetics.


Michelle Kwan and the Critical Dietetics Conference Organizing Team

2 responses to “Thanks for a wonderful DAY 2 at the Critical Dietetics Conference!”

  1. thanks for sharing Michelle. I feel very passionate about Critical Dietetics and miss being able to join the conversation. So following the tweets, blogs and pics helps make it feel less distant. Hugs x

  2. Hi Kerry – it is my pleasure! Thank you for reading, it’s really nice to know that someone out there is following 😀 I hope to see you at the next conference! xo – Michelle

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