Critical Dietetics Remains HAES Positive

**Statement for Immediate Release from Jacqui Gingras, PhD, Co-Founder of Critical Dietetics**


Critical Dietetics Remains HAES Positive

I wish to thank everyone for their attendance and active participation at our Fourth Annual International Critical Dietetics Conference in Chicago, IL, USA. I appreciate the effort of so many to make this meeting possible, especially Jill White, Elisa Fischer, Yuka Asada, and Joan DeAvilla.

This morning comments were made in support of an anti-obesity perspective. Although arguably the dominant paradigm regarding weight and health, this perspective is NOT supported by the current research available. Furthermore, Critical Dietetics, being active in its questioning of the “obesity problem” and the moral panic this positioning of bodies causes, rejects the notion that individual attempts to control body weight lead to improved health. A critical perspective on health promotion considers the range of social, political, and economic influences on people’s lives.

I encourage everyone to take a moment and share with each other what you understand about a critical perspective called Health at Every Size (HAES). I also ask that for those who are not familiar with this perspective to ask questions about its relevance to health promotion. Consider purchasing a range of exemplary books available for sale here this weekend to expand your understanding of HAES and social justice approaches to health.

Critical Dietetics remains HAES positive and is a movement made of people who continue to seek knowledge about how to ethically work with others. This conference supports ongoing dialogue about this and all related issues.

If you have any further questions or comments, please share those for us to grapple with here.



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  1. Hello all, sounds like a lively discussion! I wanted to let people know about a recent review article we just got published on weight-inclusive approaches (including HAES) here:

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