On the Eve of our 4th Annual International Conference

Welcome to our conference delegates and welcome to those who might wish to attend our conference through social media!

We will be using the #criticaldietetics hashtag on Twitter for all our tweeps. Follow us here: @Critic_Dietetic and share the best tweets over the next few days with your friends.

Tomorrow are the pre-conference workshops – Body Respect, Attuned Eating, Just Approaches to Teaching and Learning, Health Activism, and Critical Service Learning. There will be a plethora of ideas emerging from these great workshops, so even if you are not here in person, ask questions on Twitter and be part of the learning.

A first for us this year is the People’s Assemby – Food as a Right. Two busloads of community activists are coming to participate in a truly grassroots discussion about people’s right to food and the barriers that need to be addressed by our profession and our allies to eliminate food insecurity.

If you are in the area and not registered for the conference, the People’s Assembly is FREE. Please come by and be part of the excitement.

Let us know if we have missed some important detail, but in the meantime, lets gather F2F and virtually to bring to life our 4th International Critical Dietetics Conference!


Jacqui Gingras on behalf of the Conference Organizers


3 responses to “On the Eve of our 4th Annual International Conference”

  1. Can anyone tell me WHERE in Dominical University the Conference is at? I have looked through everything and I can’s seem to find that information. I am headed there tomorrow and still don’t know where to go!

    1. Hi Aida,
      All you need to do is find Parmer Hall – there is one loop at Dominican University (two entrances). Parmer Hall is very close to the Division Street entrance. Parking is free! See you tomorrow!

  2. Here is the address: Dominican University
    7900 West Division Street, River Forest, IL 60305

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