Video: Sh*t Registered Dietitians Say

Attention all critical thinkers! What are your thoughts on this video? Sh*t Registered Dietitians say… comment below!

3 responses to “Video: Sh*t Registered Dietitians Say”

  1. Like my friend, Zoey Ryan said, “Funny and sad.” Although these are such stereotypical ways to see (and hear) dietitians and I don’t want to see these stereotypes reinforced, they originated in truth. Now as critical dietitians, we can talk back to the stereotypes, question them, and forge new and non-stereotypical ways of being dietitian.

  2. It was funny to watch, even though I felt a little let down after. This made me think about ways of being, is conformity necessary in becoming? Is this the way dietitians are / need to be / are seen as…? I believe diversity should be allowed to perpetuate within the profession. Grow out of the box, break the mold and find your own authenticity!

  3. I said this on Facebook, but I’m going to make the point again here. I found the contrast between really food-judgmental comments (like “pizza is not a vegetable!” etc.) and the popular dietetics catchphrase “All foods can fit!” really hilarious. Because I see this contradiction all the time in dietetics messages.

    The ADA’s position paper on the Total Diet Approach to Communicating Food and Nutrition Information is a perfect example. WITHIN the same paper, you can almost feel the tensions that must’ve been present during the meetings required to draft this paper – the tensions between food-positive and food-negative dietetics. In the same breath, the paper says that all foods can be part of a healthy diet, and then says that certain foods should be eaten more often, and certain foods less often – and that eating a fried chicken dinner (presumably with all the components thereof consumed in one sitting) cannot be considered healthy within the parameters of the Food Guide Pyramid. And then that there are no “good foods” and no “bad foods.”

    So they essentially just said that eating a fried chicken dinner is unhealthy, and yet, somehow, ALL FOODS CAN FIT!

    It’s a mind-bending paradox. I felt this video captured that well.

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