A critical examination of Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating

Here is a critical examination of Canada’s Food Guide. The author Yoni who is a family doctor in Ottawa writes with a critical and humorous approach on the FG.

As Critical Dietetics followers who are open and reflextive, what are you thoughts?


2 responses to “A critical examination of Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating”

  1. While I am no apologist for the CFG, I think it is not an easy type of document to make. One document for all Canadians is a tough row to hoe. Maybe there should not be one at all. Sometimes it seems like if we didn’t tell anybody anything, we’d be better off (as long as marketeers weren’t allowed to tell people anything either.) I think his posts are a little reactionary and a lot of the issues he has are actually resolved in the newest guide. e.g. It says “make AT LEAST half of your grain products whole grain each day” and he seems to have left out the “at least”
    The guide DOES encourage people to eat healthier fat each day and vegetables and fruit ARE the most ephasized. Was he criticizing the old food guide? If so then what does he say now?

  2. Thanks for you comment Ron! Yes, his view is definitely opinionated. The challenge with creating a food guide for a large country such as Canada is exactly as you mentioned – a tough row to hoe. Not to mention, think of the diversity in people and food within Canada; making it far more difficult to create a guide to suit everyone’s needs! Nutrition schools emphasize the need for CFG because it is based on the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) which reflect the types and amounts of foods needed to achieve a healthier diet. Of course, the food industry does play a role in what foods are presented, to which he alludes to in his post. I believe he was criticizing the new food guide. Although there has been significant positive changes on the guide since the previous one, there will always be individuals who disagree with what Health Canada suggests – another challenge with food and nutrition. Everyone has an opinion about food. – Michelle Kwan

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