Request for Proposals | 2022 WCD Conference

September 8-9, 2022


The cloak of invisibility afforded by privilege must be acted upon. Over two years after George Floyd was killed in the United States (and among myriad other Black lives taken by police), over two years since a marked increase in anti-Asian sentiment as COVID enveloped the world, and the recent attention to increasing gender-identity and weight-stigma activism, we still see there is much work to do. The politicization of justice has obscured our goals and divided our efforts. While the conversation in dietetics has changed over the past couple years, not much has changed in practice.

The 2022 World Critical Dietetics Conference (WCD) focuses on the divide, overlap, and opportunity to integrate more anti-bias approaches to achieve structural and systemic change. What does a “better” system look like, given the politicized nature of social determinants of health? What does it really take to “improve health equity”?

This year’s conference sessions will be focused on discussing, critically analyzing, and inclining participants to act. We must move from understanding our own biases and privilege to understanding how systemic oppression has historically and specifically impacted individuals and groups in society. How do we redistribute power? How do we make everyone’s voice count? How do we understand the tasks before us and create the change in which we speak? It is time to act.

Topics encouraged for submission

  • Diversity and inclusivity best practices, shining examples or models, and epitomes
  • Explorations of current or past social movements and action-oriented opportunities to leverage in dietetics
  • Racism, sexism, ableism, (and other -isms) in dietetics/nutrition practice, food, and health systems
  • Contextualization of systemic bias in food, health, or agriculture and its historical underpinnings
  • Critical analyses of current dietary/nutrition practices and guidelines, professional organizations in food/dietetics/health, social movements, and the politics of food, health, and bodies Proposal formats and descriptions

All proposals must include a proposal as outlined below (varies by session type), and which contains the following information:

  • A list of presenters, including brief bios (250 words max) for each person
  • The session organizer’s name, pronouns, title, affiliation, and email address (student submissions are highly encouraged and considered separately, please indicate status as a student in lieu of identifying one’s title and identify the student(s) mentor or indicate if you would like WCD to match you with a mentor for this session)
  • An abstract or description (which varies by session type, see below for more information)
  • Waivers for recording and making your session available on the WCD website. These are highly encouraged for individual papers/presentations, thematic sessions, and workshops, and issue alerts. For other new session types, recording is optional. If you would like your session recorded and made available outside of the conference session time, please complete the waiver(s) by all moderator(s) and presenter(s) that are included below.

A note about recording (and waivers): WCD is an international organization that aims to create an inclusive space for people to explore, to grieve, to heal, and find solidarity (among other things), which may not be possible if your session is recorded. Because we are international, we understand that to maximize your reach, you may want to record your session so it can be viewed outside of the assigned day/time. And, we also encourage you to consider that recording a session may impact the safety of your space; that is, knowing that a record of the conversation will be available to others may make some participants feel hesitant to share their thoughts or experiences. We encourage everyone to make a decision about recording to create the space necessary to make your session successful. Your decision to record or not will not impact your submission decisions. Proposal reviewers will not be informed about your decision to record.

Session types for the 2022 World Critical Dietetics Conference include:

Individual papers/presentations (15 minutes)
Please submit a 350-word abstract or 3-minute audio-video recording and signed waiver(s) for recording the session. Thematic Session (3-4 paper presentations) 60 minutes
Please submit a thematic overview (100-200 words or 3-minute audio-video recording) that describes the symposium, and three to four abstracts (one for each paper of up to 350 words each or 2-minutes of audio or video recording). Submissions must also include signed waiver(s) for recording the session.

Workshop (60-90 minutes)
Please submit a 350-word abstract (minimum) or 3-minute audio-video recording, describing the focus of the workshop or roundtable, the format or activities proposed, and the technologies required. Describe the goals of the workshop, how participants will be included to make this different from a thematic session, and what actions attendees will be ready to take as a result of this workshop. Submissions must also include signed waiver(s) for recording the session.

New! – all *new* session types are solution-oriented!

Lightning Round(table): A lightning roundtable session is organized around a problem question or issue statement. Roundtable participants include a moderator and between 1-3 content experts who will discuss potential solutions or actions to address, resolve, or evolve thinking about the identified issue from a variety of perspectives. Sessions may be either 30- 45- or 60-minutes in length (which should be determined by the number of speakers). Please submit a 350-word session proposal that includes an identification of the issue or focus question and one (or more) proposed solutions. Also required are a brief explanation (e.g., bullet points) of facets the content expert(s) will discuss. This session type does not include any slides or lecture and the moderator should be ready to challenge and discuss content with the panelists. Think: lively, solutions-oriented discussion from different perspectives.

Campfire sessions: Campfire sessions are 60-minute sessions in which attendees come prepared to engage with 1-2 moderators! Please submit a 350-word overview of the proposed session (or 3-minute audio-video recording) that also identifies a specific topic or question of focus. They might also come with one (or more) proposed actions to take action on the topic or issue. The moderators may structure the session with limited participation (e.g., up to 8 attendees) to share their experiences in the interest of generating action(s) or they might propose a more facilitated discussion format, where conference attendees are the participants. For the former, participants may be required to sign up in advance. Proposals must also include a guide or plan for how the moderator(s) will lead the group to land on a solution.

Issue alert!: Are you passionate about a topic that you think is under-discussed in dietetics?! Present your topic to your peers with a pre-recorded “Issue alert!” session. Presenters will submit a 3–5-minute video that identifies a topic or issue, gives some background, presents their perspective, and tells viewers how to take action on that issue. These videos will be available during the conference between sessions and on breaks as well as after the conference, on the WCD website. Please submit a 350-word abstract or 3-minute audio video recording; submissions must also include a signed waiver for recording the session.

Proposal Submission

Deadline: June 15, 2022, at 11:59pm EST
Please send your submissions or inquires to