2017 Congress Call for Abstracts

From May 27 to June 2, 2017, Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will host the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Critical Dietetics is pleased to announce that in partnership with the Canadian Association of Food Studies and the Canadian Sociological Association, we are hosting an interdisciplinary session entitled, “Disruptive Possibilities: Critical Sociologies of Food, Nutrition, and Health.” The deadline for abstract submissions is January 27, 2017. This meeting will NOT take the place of our annual Critical Dietetics Conference, the location of which is yet to be determined.

For those who are interested in attending the Congress and wish to submit an abstract to the Critical Dietetics session, please review the abstract submission requirements below and follow the online submission process. Please email Jacqui Gingras if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Disruptive Possibilities: Critical Sociologies of Food, Nutrition, and Health

Critical Dietetics, a social health movement informed by critical social theory, represents an interdisciplinary group of scholars, practitioners, and students who have taken up critical inquiry of the nutrition profession on the basis of intersecting subject positions such as gender, ethnicity, class, ability, and size. While recognizing the multiple meanings of food and its power to nourish and heal, Critical Dietetics acknowledges that food is more than the mere sum of its constituent nutrients. Critical Dietetics recognizes that human bodies in health and illness are complex and contextual. Moreover, Critical Dietetics recognizes that the knowledge that enables us to understand health is socially, culturally, historically, and environmentally constituted. Since 2009, Critical Dietetics has held annual meetings and published peer-reviewed research in an open-access journal in efforts to broaden scholarly discourse related to food, work, gender, and health. Most recently a chapter dedicated to Critical Dietetics was published in the 2nd Edition of Critical Perspectives in Food Studies (Koc, Sumner, and Winson, 2017). In this chapter, the authors (Gingras, Asada, Brady and Aphramor, 2017) outlined the gendered aspects of nutrition and food work, along with the relationships between the challenges elicited when a positivist approach to food and nutrition intersects with indigenous rights, climate change, food insecurity, and sizeism.

Gingras, J., Asada, Y., Brady, J., & Aphramor, L. (2017). Critical dietetics: Challenging the profession from within. In M. Koc, J. Sumner, & A. Winson (Eds.), Critical perspectives in food studies. (2nd ed.) (pp. 95-107). Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press.

Koc, M., Sumner, J., & Winson, A. (2017). Critical perspectives in food studies (2nd ed.). Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press.

Abstracts Submission Requirements

  • An abstract may be submitted to only one specific CSA-SCS conference session
    If declined, it may then be considered for another session or omnibus session upon the author or session organizer’s request
  • The association recognizes that there may be situations in which there are pedagogical and professional benefits to presenting at multiple associations at Congress. The CSA-SCS encourages its members, as a matter of good practice to inform both associations of their submission in order to facilitate and foster future collaborative efforts.
  • An abstract submitted by a session organizer to his or her own session must be reviewed by a co-organizer, a session organizer within the Research Cluster, or the Conference Program Committee. Our office must be informed that this process has been completed before February 15, 2017
  • Abstracts must be submitted online between November 18, 2016 and January 27, 2017 (11:59 PM – PST)
  • Abstracts may be in English and/or French but the session organizer may request a translation for review purposes
  • Abstracts should be between 100-200 words (or up to 400 words if both English and French versions are submitted simultaneously)
  • Ensure all co-authors (including email and affiliation) are included in the applicable online submission form fields
  • The general CSA-SCS policy allows participants up to two different paper presentations and up to three presentations including panels and plenary (participation as session chair or discussant does not count in these limits)
  • The association must be notified immediately if there are changes to the abstract or if it has been withdrawn from consideration
  • CSA-SCS membership is not required in order to submit an abstract however, association membership as well as congress delegate registration is mandatory once the paper has been approved for presentation (deadline: April 15, 2017)
    Paper co-authors neither presenting nor attending the Conference are exempt from these policies. Exceptions may apply in the case of joint or co-sponsored sessions (contact us for further information)

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New Issue: Journal of Critical Dietetics


I am very pleased that with the help of our Layout Editor, Kerry Beake, we have published the sixth issue of our Journal and the second of 2016. This issue is called “Cultural Embodiments” and contains two reflexive articles, six research articles, and … one poem!

To review the TOC you must be a “reader” of the Journal. Become a reader of our Journal here: http://criticaldietetics.ryerson.ca/index.php/criticaldietetics/user/register

The Journal of Critical Dietetics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that is FREE to readers and authors. We feel pretty good about that, actually! Becoming a “reader” of the Journal enables us to communicate with you when we publish a new Journal issue or when we post a call for abstracts regarding our annual conference. Typically, we email readers of the Journal six-eight times each year and we never, ever share our email list with anyone.

If you are already registered as a “reader” of the Journal, please take a moment to review the Table of Contents to see which articles you would like to download for reading: http://criticaldietetics.ryerson.ca/index.php/criticaldietetics/issue/view/8/showToc

And, as a reminder, you are welcome to share PDFs of these articles widely, but please encourage anyone with whom you share the PDFs to become official readers of our Journal.


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Its a Wrap!

img_5648-copyWhat a whirlwind experience and a most nourishing one as well. Last night we capped it off with an open mic in a park just by the Alhambra. The tourists were intrigued by the poetry, song, and dance! Most memorable!

For those who wish to hear the opening and closing keynotes and a sampling of other presentations from the conference including Lucy Aphramor’s “Naked Dietitian” spoken word, you can still do so by purchasing online access. Email me to get further details.

If you wish to help plan the next conference, also email me to join the conference planning committee. Work on 2017 will be very soon as we expect it to be our best conference ever!

Thanks for everyone for making this an incredible delight, especially our intrepid graphic artists, Val and Fiona. Pictures to follow!

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Day 1 – Critical Dietetics in Granada

We have completed the first day of our sixth international conference. A full day with wonderful connections made with new people. Thank you to everyone who participated in person and with the online conference. Today we will update the attendees on the Journal and we will make some decisions about next years conference, so stay tuned for that!

Again, people have remarked about how important it is to hear the stories that resonate with their own. We have Val and Fiona providing creative graphic recording about everyone who is here. I will share a picture of it soon.

The conversations are invigorating, provocative, and nourishing.

More coming soon!

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Critical Dietetics Final Program

Hello Everyone,

Here are the newly revised and updated conference program and list of abstracts. Please bring these with you in electronic form to the conference as no printed copies will be provided. As well, if there are changes, please let me know.

Stay tuned to this site for late-breaking updates!

Critical Dietetics 2016 Program

Critical Dietetics 2016 Abstracts


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In Just a Few Weeks…

We will be meeting in Granada, Spain for our 6th International Critical Dietetics Conference!

We need your help spreading the word about this conference. Please remind your colleagues that there is an online registration option for those who are not able to join us in person. Also, for your colleagues that are attending the ICD starting Sept. 7, registering for Critical Dietetics is a great way to connect with a new community. The registration information is available here: https://criticaldieteticsblog.com/registration/

Also, Twitter and Facebook are great places to mention the conference and link back to this blog.

Thank you for your assistance making this conference as successful and invigorating as previous gatherings!


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Two Resources to Share


In between conference planning and preparing for the next issue of the Journal of Critical Dietetics, we are pleased to share two items with our subscribers. The first is a resource for dietetic interns as they prepare for clinical rotations during their internships. Charna Gord was kind enough to share this resource with the Critical Dietetics Community. Professional Passage Announcement

The second is a call for chapters for an edited volume on Fat Mothering. The call was shared with me by one of the co-editors, Sam Abel. Please contact her if you have any questions. Fat Mothering CFP

Thank you for thinking of Critical Dietetics as a space to share interesting resources. See you in Spain!

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